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Major Announcements:

Updated Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework

The revised Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum Framework for Health and Physical Education has been published! You can click this link to check it out! CAAHPE would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all those involved. Try this link for other physical education documents and resources. 

Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment (CPFA)

The CSDE has issued some clarifying policy regarding administering the Connecticut Physical Fitness Assessment (CPFA) to students who do not identify as male or female (i.e., non-binary) and choose not to be evaluated on either of the gender-based standards of the CPFA. This policy (See page 14 of CPFA Test Administration Manual) was developed in close consultation with an advisory group of health and physical education staff from several districts across the state, and the CSDE’s Title IX office. It allows districts to use a more personalized, goal-based approach to measuring progress on the CPFA without having to place the student into a fitness achievement level. Moreover, effective 2022-23, the CSDE will begin collecting individual student assessment results for the CPFA. This will enable the CSDE to recognize, for accountability purposes, the participation of non-binary students who are not formally rated on the CPFA.

CAAHPE Professional Development Materials

Below you can access the most current CAAHPE professional development materials from the 2022-23 school.

Quality High School PE Programming:

Why is this urgent? What’s good about our programs? What are our concerns? How can CAAHPE help?

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Below you can access CAAHPE professional development materials from the 2021-2022 school year.

Health Education Frameworks:

Learn about what went into the CT Health Education Standards updates & how to navigate the new indicators & standards

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Self Care Plans:

As a leader in your district, it’s important to address and support your teacher’s mental health. Self care plans are an effective way to do that.

LGBTQ+ Issues in Educational Settings K-12:

Revisit our PD from September 2021 on LGBTQ+ issues 

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PE with Palos:

Check out all Palos has to offer with this fun and interactive presentation.

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Developing a Positive & Productive Culture:

Learn the importance of a positive work culture and how to approach the topic with your team.

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Review – LGBTQ+ Issues in Educational Setting:

A common theme woven into each meeting this year has been LGBTQ+ issues. Check out the linked presentation below to refresh your memory on how to better support students. 

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