Your Guide to Health and PE Gold Standards

Who We Are

The Connecticut Association of Administrators of Health and Physical Education (CAAHPE) is a professional organization of certified administrators, school leaders and teacher leaders that is dedicated to promoting and supporting health and physical education programs in schools across the state.

The organization addresses curriculum, instruction and assessment, legislation, safety, staff development, professional development, teacher evaluation, and other issues that directly affect students, teachers and health and physical education programs. CAAHPE advocates for the academic, social, emotional and physical well-being of students, PreK-12.

Our Vision

Provide a network of leadership support, guidance and advocacy for Connecticut School Health and Physical Education.

Our Mission

The mission of the Connecticut Association Administrators of Health and Physical Education is to inspire responsive student-centered learning, lead curricular coherence and increase instructional efficacy in Health Education and Physical Education through targeted professional development and strategic networking with all stakeholders. We routinely reflect, assess, and adjust for continuous improvement to help teachers help their students reach or exceed evolving standards of instructional excellence.​

Ultimately, CAAHPE empowers children to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes that effectively answer the Essential Question:

“What do I need to know, feel and do to lead a healthy, successful, productive and satisfying life?”


Professional Development

Improve the professional skills of members, the curriculum and instruction of health and physical education in the public schools of Connecticut.


Promote and support high standards of administrative leadership in the area of health and physical education.​

Public Education

Cooperate with the Connecticut State Department of Education in their effort to improve public education.


Work effectively with the state, regional and national organizations for health and physical education concepts and programs in order to advance worthwhile professional efforts.

CAAHPE Meetings

CAAHPE meets four to five times a year. Meetings are used for professional development, discussion of current issues in the profession, organization and planning of advocacy initiatives, and collaboration to make decisions that impact health and physical education programs, professionals and youth in Connecticut.